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Entrepreneurs and Lower, Simpler Taxes Offer Path to Economic Growth

On October 7, a special committee of the General Assembly met to hear testimony on how to best address the economic downturn facing New Jersey. Jerry Cantrell, President of the Common Sense Institute of New Jersey, noted that the engine of job growth in New Jersey has been new businesses and the entrepreneurs...
October 11th, 2010 | Economic Development, Fiscal Reform, Jobs Watch, Policy, Taxation | Read More

Property Taxes Climb Despite Falling Incomes in New Jersey

Property Taxes Climb Despite Falling Incomes in New Jersey
The U.S. Census Bureau released its one-year American Community Survey data for 2009 this week, and the report highlights the blight of state taxpayers. Last year, property taxes increased and remained highest in the nation, despite median household income falling for the year. New Jersey homeowners...
October 1st, 2010 | Economic Development, Featured, Policy, Taxation | Read More

Do Property Tax Caps Work?

Do Property Tax Caps Work?
Lessons for New Jersey from Massachusetts This report was co-published with the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research New Jersey is considering a tax reform called “Cap 2.5,” under which a municipality’s tax levy on existing property could not grow more than 2.5 percent in any year, unless...
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Hard Tax Cap The Only Way to Go

Paul V. Tyahla July 3, 2010 This op-ed was printed in the Daily Record and the Times of Trenton As the state Legislature gathers for its special session on property taxes, some lawmakers are touting a 2.9 percent cap with what they consider reasonable flexibility for municipalities. Where local administrators...
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Tax Cap Proved Its Worth in Massachusetts, Can Work in New Jersey

By JOSH BARRO May 26, 2010 The Star-Ledger Unionized pubic employees swarmed Trenton on Saturday to protest Gov. Chris Christie’s cuts in the state budget — and his “Cap 2.5” proposal to limit local property taxes. The unions warn that a tax cap will lower the quality of the Garden State’s...
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